It's the second edition of the very first International social hackathon – made with passion, love and good will of experienced partners from all over the Europe, including expertise.

This year we are very focused on SOCIAL&TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATIONS with the mission to bring all makers, engineers, do-gooders, executives, computer scientists, inventors, innovators which are making things that are not just nice to have, but that people need. C’MON wants to join people identifying, prototyping, and scaling technologies a...

October 2, 2017

Millo is the first blender ever to adapt to your lifestyle with its fast and silent user experience housed in a minimal design.

Millo's Air Drive system uses magnets to deliver power to the blade. This eliminates the most common noise sources in usual blenders - the old fashioned motors and rattling blade connectors.

Washing your blender after making a smoothie takes half of the joy away! With Millo's Smart Lid you can just rinse and go in seconds. It also features the industry's fi...

June 19, 2017

Session about pricing with Eleonora Sakalauskaitė. Will you be able to find out how to get money from your client? Also, we will have Agnė Rapalaitė with us  she will illustrate every word Eleonora is telling!


June 1, 2017

Why join? 

• You're thinking how to maximize your profits (Eleonora from; 
• You're stuck with your problems and looking for new ways to solve them (Simona Šimulytė); 
• Its important for you to know how to scale finance side while scale'ing the product (Vaidotas from Vinted); 
• You want to meet other product professionals.

Kodėl prisijungti? 

• Svarstai kaip generuoti daugiau pelno su savo produktu (Eleonora iš; 
• Užstrigai ties konkrečia problema ir ieškai naujų sprendimo būdų (Simona Šimulytė); 
• Tau svarbu žinoti kaip elgtis...

May 31, 2017

Renginyje "Kaip tapti pranašesniu už konkurentus?" gegužės 31 d. 14:00 sužinosite, kaip galite paspartinti savo verslo sėkmę bei žengti viena koja toliau nei konkurentai. Kaip rasti savo konkurencinį pranašumą, kaip tinkamai suformuoti įmonės įvaizdį, ką svarbu žinoti apie klientų aptarnavimą bei kaip savo prekės ženklą paversti turtu.

March 7, 2017

Kaip konfigūruoti produkto pasiūlymą ir žinutę, kuri palengvintų kliento apsisprendimą pirkti bei maksimizuotų pelną. - Kaip paketuojant (ang. „bundling“) atsiranda nuolaida, kuri emociškai patinka klientui, o jums – nieko nekainuoja. - Ar tarp didesnės vertės bei didesnės kainos klientas visada deda lygybės ženklą? 


January 27, 2017

Shops give away tons of coupons daily, they try to lure shoppers with massive discounts and perennial sales. However, 75% of business owners claim that such ‘strategies’ hurt rather than help their business; in some cases, even a 5% discount can kill a low-margin retailer. And yet the discounting trap is hard to avoid.
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January 25, 2017

Just finished writing a book? What's next? Of course, you need to set the price!

This might prove to be the most painful and puzzling task. Don't get stressed and lost among the myriads of conflicting comments & recommendations in online forums. This book gives you a round-up of what you must know and plenty of insights. On top of that, it is easy to read and highly enjoyable. Examples and case studies make it engaging and calculators ensure it is highly practical.

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October 17, 2016

Pricing is something that plays a big role in every business. The price is an essential factor that can decide a company’s success and shape its revenue stream. Pricing is also the area where mistakes get routinely made by both young entrepreneurs who have just launched their business and experienced old-timers. Taking a closer look at this component of your business is therefore crucial. Pricing expert Eleonora Sakalauskaitė, founder of, discusses common mistakes made by entrepreneurs and shares tips and tricks on how not to get lost among the fine details of...

September 29, 2016

A seminar for enterprising women who are or can’t wait to get into business.

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